Ella Berthoud

The Bibliotherapist Will See You Now

Saturday 29th August

12 noon

Want to get into reading but not sure where to start? Looking for something to help you through a difficult time? Trying to recommend a good book to a reluctant reader? Then settle down on the couch and join Ella Berthoud, co-author of The Novel Cure and The Story Cure, for an informal session of literary recommendations and prescriptions.

Ask a question in advance by leaving a comment below, or at hello@islaybookfestival.co.uk with the subject ‘Bibliotherapy’, or type it into the chat area during the event.

UPDATE: This will be run as a Zoom webinar, in order to protect the anonymity of members of our audience. Please register in advance if you’d like to join the Zoom webinar, which will give you easier access when it comes to asking Ella questions (audience members are not visible and questions can be asked anonymously). However, if you don’t do Zoom, this will also be live-streamed via our YouTube channel so you can watch it from there. We’ll do what we can to pick up comments and questions left in the YouTube chat.

How to watch this event

This event starts at 12 noon on Saturday 29th August. To watch the event just visit this page at the start time and you'll be able to watch the event for free.

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If you would like to access YouTube's automated subtitles while you're watching the event, just click on the small 'CC' icon, which you'll see at the bottom right of your video screen, and then the subtitles should appear for you. Please note that as these are automated they are not always 100% reliable.


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About the speaker

Ella Berthoud started reading on a journey from Tehran to London, on the parcel shelf of a Wolsey 1300 when she was five. She spent the next thirteen years reading books in inappropriate places like ski-lifts and trampolines. She studied English Literature at Cambridge University, where she read as many novels as she could at once. She continued on to University of East London where she studied Fine Art, and combined her twin passions of reading and painting by listening to books while creating works of art. She has worked as an artist in residence at Pentonville Prison, Friends School Saffron Walden and Queenswood School. Ella first started talking about bibliotherapy with Susan Elderkin when they were at Cambridge together. Over the ensuing years they prescribed literature to their friends and family, while Ella worked as an artist and Susan wrote her own novels. In 2007 they developed the idea in conjunction with The School of Life into what it is today, a one-to-one service taking place in person, or over the phone. Ella lives in West Sussex with her husband and three daughters. @Ellaberthoud ellaberthoud.com

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