Aonghas MacNeacail

Poetic Reflections in Gaelic and English Meòrachaidhean Bàrdachdail ann an Gàidhlig agus Beurla

Thursday 27th August


Award-winning Gaelic bard Aonghas MacNeacail helps ease us into the festival with an evocative taster session, in English and Gaelic, that journeys through some of his favourite lyrical musings, from grandfathers and winkle-picking to observations on nature, and including more recent reflections on ‘the virus … that travels unseen through every mind as a mocking whisper’.

Tha am bàrd Gàidhlig agus buannaiche dhuaisean, Aonghas MacNeacail, gar tàladh a-steach gu socair don fhèis le seisean tòiseachaidh ìomhaigheil drùidhteach ann am Beurla agus Gàidhlig, seisean a tha a’ siubhal tro chuid de na smaoineasan liriceach as fheàrr leis … bho sheanairean agus buain fhaochagan gu amharcan air nàdar, agus tuilleadh mheòrachaidhean nas ùire … “gus an tàinig am bìoras / a tha siubhal fàth-fiata / tromh gach inntinn / na chagarsaich fanaid.”

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About the speaker

Aonghas MacNeacail, poet and songwriter, was born in Uig on the Isle of Skye. A vibrant communicator, he is also a broadcaster, journalist, scriptwriter, librettist and translator. A native Gael, he writes in Gaelic and English. His collections of poetry have been published in both languages, and his writing has appeared in literary journals all over the world and in many languages. He has given poetry readings at major literary festivals across the globe, from Russia to Canada, and throughout Western Europe. Aonghas won the prestigious Scottish Writer of the Year Stakis Prize with his third collection, Oideachadh Ceart (A Proper Schooling and Other Poems), in 1997. Aonghas has collaborated, in both folk and classical idioms, with many of Scotland’s top composers, including Phil Cunningham, Donald Shaw, William Sweeney and Ronald Stevenson.

Rugadh Aonghas MacNeacail, bàrd agus sgrìobhaiche-òrain, ann an Ùige an Eilein Sgitheanaich. Mar neach-conaltraidh beòthail, tha e cuideachd na chraoladair, naidheachdair, sgrìobhaiche-sgriobtaichean, ùghdar agus eadar-theangair.  Na Ghàidheal bho a dhùthchas, bidh e a’ sgrìobhadh ann an Gàidhlig agus Beurla. Tha a chruinneachaidhean de bhàrdachd air am foillseachadh san dà chànan, agus tha a sgrìobhaidhean air nochdadh ann an irisean litreachais air feadh an t-saoghail agus ann am mòran chànanan. Tha e air leughaidhean bàrdachd a lìbhrigeadh aig prìomh fhèisean litreachais air feadh na cruinne, bhon Ruis gu Canada, agus tro Thaobh Siar na Roinn Eòrpa. Bhuannaich Aonghas duais chliùiteach Stakis airson Sgrìobhadair Albannach na Bliadhna le a threasaibh cruinneachadh, Oideachadh Ceart (A Proper Schooling and Other Poems), ann an 1997. Tha Aonghas air co-obrachadh, san dà chuid gnàthas-cainnt dùthchail agus clasaigeach, le mòran àrd-sgrìobhaichean ciùil, a’ gabhail a-steach Phil Cunningham, Donald Shaw, William Sweeney agus Ronald Stevenson.

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