The Bookshop Band

Songs Inspired by Books

Saturday 29th August


The Bookshop Band is introduced to an Islay audience for the first time in this live online concert. Join musical duo Beth Porter and Ben Please for a performance from their colourful repertoire of songs inspired by books.

Do you have a favourite book you’d like to hear put to music? Then send in a request in advance by commenting below or to with the subject ‘Bookshop Band’ or tweet the band @TheBookshopBand (we’ll squeeze in as many as we can!).

How to watch this event

This event starts at 8pm on Saturday 29th August. To watch the event just visit this page at the start time and you'll be able to watch the event for free.

Subtitles/Closed Captions

If you would like to access YouTube's automated subtitles while you're watching the event, just click on the small 'CC' icon, which you'll see at the bottom right of your video screen, and then the subtitles should appear for you. Please note that as these are automated they are not always 100% reliable.

Audience participation

The Bookshop Band will be playing live, but will be happy where possible to answer questions from the audience during their event. Simply type a question for them into the YouTube Live Chat Box.


Donate via PayPal

We are paying all of our contributors, so although the events are free we do still have costs. All donations, however small, are very gratefully received and will support our authors and our festival during a difficult time.

About the speaker

The Bookshop Band is the offspring of an artistic love affair between a duo of English folk singer-songwriters and a multi award-winning independent bookshop in the UK, Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. Beth Porter and Ben Please write and perform songs inspired by books, by hundreds of authors from Shakespeare to Philip Pullman, and have released 13 studio albums featuring many of the authors they have worked with. Authors they’ve performed with include Louis de Bernières, Patrick Gale among others.

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