Anne and Steve Brusatte

Dugie the Dinosaur

Thursday 7th September

4pm @ MYFOS, Port Ellen

Join primary teacher Anne Brusatte and her palaeontologist husband Steve for a fun session around their book Dugie the Dinosaur, a story of bravery, friendship and dinosaurs, based on the real-life fossils found on the Isle of Skye. Suitable from 5 years old.

Both children’s events are free entry with no booking necessary. Parents/carers must be in attendance.

About the speaker

Anne Brusatte is a primary school teacher and artist who lives in Edinburgh with her husband
Steve, and son Anthony. She is particularly interested in play-based learning, of which telling stories is an important part. Steve is a professor and palaeontologist at the University of Edinburgh, advisor for the Jurassic World film series, and resident palaeontologist for the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs.

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