Pauline Prior-Pitt's Islay Poetry Challenge!

If you were writing a poem about Islay, what would you include? Which words spring to mind first? Whisky, waves or willow warblers? Ceilidhs, cows or camper vans?

Well, we're setting a bit of a challenge for award-winning poet Pauline Prior-Pitt. Pauline will be asked to create a real-time poetry composition for Islay over the Book Festival weekend, based on word contributions sent in from the public! Pauline will then read her Islay poem at the end of her Sunday afternoon session.

To contribute a word to the Islay poem, tweet us @IslayBookFest using the hashtag #IslayPoetryChallenge, message us on Facebook, or email us at

We will also have a board up over the Festival weekend, so you'll be able to drop in and see how things are taking shape, or just to add another word to the poem!

Thinking caps on please!