Fundraising around Islay

Our fancy bright orange collection boxes have arrived!

If you see one of these on your travels around the island and you have a bit of loose change, we'd be really grateful if you would consider popping some of that in the box for us!

Many people don't realise that Islay Book Festival is a charity and we have to fundraise each year in order to put on the festival. The more money we raise, the more we can offer our islanders and visitors in the way of events, so every penny really does count!

All donations will support this year's festival.


Many thanks from us 😊

Fundraising for Islay Book Festival

Just a wee reminder that we have a fundraising page set up with Just Giving. We're not aiming to raise all of our festival funds from this (you'll be pleased to know because there's currently only £20 on there so far!), but it's mainly intended to facilitate individual online donations, should people feel inclined to be generous.

We have a lot of new initiatives planned for this year, including travelling books, book gifting, workshops, and community outreach events. Every penny counts towards making these a reality.

Want to donate? Visit -