Volunteers Fair Story

So we started our year by attending Islay High School's Volunteers Fair on 10th January. We tried to engage the students with a number of fun activities, which included guessing the titles of two mystery books; guessing the weight of a stack of books (once person was spot on!); we had a book quiz and the chance to win a £30 National Book Token; and finally we had an 'add a sentence to the story' game that continued throughout the fair. Well, a lot of people have been asking to find out what happened in the story, so here it is with all its bizarre plot twists and turns!

It was a cold and windy night in Bowmore and the rain was beating against the windows of the Round Church. The sounds the wind was making echoed all around the graveyard. The woman in the red raincoat glanced nervously at the headstone. Tears ran down her face and memories came flooding back, of feelings of failure and disappointment. She was unable to move. If she did, who knows what would happen?

She fell flat into cereal. A car went past and the VTEC kicked in and then it crashed. Then the driver got stunned, and someone put a sticky bomb in his car. It exploded and he died and it turns out it was his brother Fip who exploded him. [And it had started off so well!]

Years past and one long summer's day Fip [now a woman] stared thoughtfully into the long blue horizon. It was wet and rainy. The terror of past events haunted her waking memory. She said, "I know some slamming door puns, you'll open up to it." Then she sat down and did nothing. She then walked to the door and said, "Peep once, peep twice, peep thrice up the spine of [???]."

She then mangled the door with a chainsaw and screamed in anger to her imaginary friend. "Help me!" The imaginary friend listened closely to her pleas. Their once flat expression morphed into an insane smile...

Next up will be our Islay Show story at the beginning of August!