Poem: Souvenir of Islay

Islay local Catherine Ann Macleod Thomson has kindly given us permission to share her lovely poem, ‘Souvenir of Islay’, on our website to help us get in the mood for Pauline Prior-Pitt’s Islay Poetry Challenge!

Souvenir of Islay

I'd like to paint a picture true
Of hills and heather,
Skies of blue.
Little lambs just born skip free
Among the daffodils on the Lea
And ponies graze and canter there
As Highland cattle fill the air
With sounds like music in my ear
As happily dance the wild roe deer.

As you look out across the bay
May all your cares just fly away.
As you watch the rising tide
May it carry a message to your side.
As the waves lash high upon the shore
And the geese fly high around Bowmore.

Come to this island of laughter and love
Where stars are twinkling up above.
A welcome here sure to find
From gentle folks whose hearts are kind.
There’s magic in the island air
As gentle waves are lashing.
And the lonely piper plays his tune
To set your feet a-tapping.
A rainbow rests upon the hill
And peace is here to stay
As we watch the moonlight calm and still
Shine brightly across the bay.

© Catherine Ann Macleod Thomson

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