Programme Announcement

We're still dotting a few 'i's and crossing a few 't's, but we're proud to announce that our full programme information can now be viewed on our website and online booking is open for most bookable events.

You should find a whole range of fun and stimulating events for all ages. This year we're mainly based at the ICCI (Gaelic College) in Bowmore, but we're also offering events in Port Ellen, the Oa, Portnahaven and Port Wemyss, and Bruichladdich. In addition, each of the island's schools will be receiving author visits.

28 September is also our 'Jura Day' this year. We will be sending poet Ryan Van Winkle over to Craighouse to offer a workshop at Small Isles Primary School and he will also be hosting a celebration of poetry at the Jura Care Centre. Our bookbinding workshop leader, Corinna Krause, will also be joining him to offer a bit of a taster session.

And in the run-up to the festival, we are going to be running our photography competition, which is linked to Konrad Borkowski's fantastic slideshow of photographs from his recent co-authored book, Whisky Island, and we're also going to be running a poetry challenge for Pauline Prior-Pitt, so get your thinking caps on as we'll need your help (details to follow soon)!

Please do have a browse of what we have on offer this year. We hope you're looking forward to the festival as much as we are!

See you at the end of September!