7 Things to do with a Nessie: a poem by Islay High

If Nessie appeared in my bus I would...

1) Take a million pictures on Instagram and get 3 billion likes - alerting the FBI (X Files).

2) Sell it to the butcher - look, Nessie fillets!

3) Bring her to class to eat the teacher.

4) Steal her tartan hat - she runs through the rugby pitch as the bagpipes play her in...

5) Fill the bus up with water and drive her to the ocean - she gets into the pipes and becomes pals with It.

6) Knit a sweater.

7) Wild haggis.

From a workshop facilitated by Ryan Van Winkle with Islay High's first year English students, exploring the use of lists and imagination in poems based on Moniza Alvi's poem '10 Things to do with a Cloud'.