School Programme Reviews.

“Barbara Henderson worked with my class and I received very positive feedback from all pupils. They thoroughly enjoyed acting out scenes of the book and were engaged in listening to readings from the books. The children asked to read Barbara’s novel as a class novel, which shows they were very taken with it! Thanks for organising such a great event.”

- Islay primary school teacher 

“The best thing about this is that we learnt in a fun way.”

- Islay primary school pupil

“The workshop helped me learn [that] just because you come from a small community, doesn’t mean you can’t have success.”

- Islay high school pupil


Family Event Reviews.

“Even under-5s engaged and loved the puppets.”

- Islay parent

“Bookbug is always great.”

- Islay parent

“Drop-in bookbinding workshop [was] really good fun!”

- Child over 10yrs


Main Event Reviews.

“A very gentle, warming, soulful writer, thank you for bringing Pauline.”

- Islay resident

“Island event is small but perfectly formed.”

- Oban Times

“Beautiful poetic and moving walk on the Oa.”

- Visitor to Islay

“5 Duirachs made up half of the intimate creative writing workshop held by Helen Sedgwick and ES Thomson. Inspiring, informative and downright enjoyable sums up the day had by us all, and has left us with an itch to set up Jura’s own writing group.”

- Jura resident

“Good to see the event back in Islay.”

- Islay resident

“Loved the whole festival. Thanks for a great weekend.”

- Visitor to Islay

“You are doing this again next year, aren’t you?”

- Islay resident


Author Reviews.

“I absolutely loved my visit to Islay and taking part in the book festival. Congratulations to you all on a brilliantly organised festival. I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Probably one of the more relaxing and enjoyable festivals I have taken part in this year.”

- 2017 Author

“As far as I am concerned, it was a perfect festival and you and your wonderful, unflappable volunteers should feel very proud of what you achieved. I would love to be invited back.”

- 2017 Author


Volunteer Reviews.

“Volunteering at Islay Book Festival was a tremendous experience for me! Hard work and long hours during the Festival itself, but it was such an honour to hear so many talented and interesting authors speak about their work and to chat to them afterwards as they joined in the general excitement of the weekend. Making new friends, experiencing such interesting talent and helping to add to the cultural life of Islay were key benefits for me. Roll on next time!”

- 2017 volunteer

“The feedback from those attending (especially the children) was so positive it made you feel the work put into arranging things and making things happen was worthwhile. We were a small number of volunteers so we had to quickly learn how to work together as a team. Working with people towards achieving shared goals is for me the best way to develop good friendships. You learn so much about other people’s strengths and reliability.”

- 2017 volunteer